How to Fix a Snag in Socks

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Sewing needle through the snag of a sock - How to Fix a Snag in Socks

Snags happen when you least expect them, and they can happen easily. Socks can catch on shoe zippers or buckles, snag on wood floors or furniture, or meet the claws of a playful pet. Fortunately, not all hope is lost. We'll show you how to fix a snag in socks and get them looking like new again.

For starters, don't pull or cut the thread. This can make the situation worse by possibly causing a hole.

You'll need a sewing needle, a thread that matches the color of your socks, and scissors.

Sock with a snag laying on a craft table with a spool thread, a sewing needle, and scissors

Thread your needle by pulling the thread through the eye of the needle. Pull the needle through the loop of the snag until you have a couple of inches of thread sticking out. Then, tie a knot around the loop.

Red thread tied in a knot around a sock snag

Insert the threaded needle into the socks as close to the base of the snag as you can. The closer the better to hide the thread. Pull the needle and the snag through to the inside of the sock.

Threaded sewing needle being inserted into socks at the base of a snag

Finally, turn the sock inside out and cut the thread. Be careful not to cut the snag.

Person cutting thread on the inside of sock

You will be left with ends of the thread and the snag on the inside of the sock. But look at the outside, and it will look like new.

Socks laid out on table with no visible snag on the outside

Fixing a snag in socks is easy, and you get to keep your socks looking great longer. However, if your snags get out of hand, we have you covered. Check out our fun socks and replenish your sock drawer.

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