How to Style Crew Socks

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Woman wearing jeans with fun crew socks - How to Style Crew Socks

Since the beginning of fashion, socks have been an undergarment - hidden from the world and overshadowed by pants. But, not anymore! Socks have since taken the spotlight. It's now not only acceptable but bold, to coordinate your socks with your outfit and to even highlight them. The right pair of socks can truly make you and your outfit stand out.

But, one question remains. How do you wear fun socks with any outfit? Whether you're wearing everyday casual clothes or business attire, you can spice things up with a fun pair of socks. And trust us, it'll bring a smile to your face! Check out our tips for how to style crew socks, and you'll be wearing fun socks with every outfit.

Comfy Clothes

This is the easiest style to pull off because it really doesn't matter how it looks. When you're just hanging out at home and you're in your lounging pants, just grab a pair of your favorite socks. Not only will you be super cozy curled up on the couch, but you'll be in your own little happy place in your favorite socks. Things don't get much better than that! Pair them with sweatpants, pajama pants, shorts, leggings, etc. Don't worry about it!

Two girls wearing pajamas and colorful socks - How to Style Crew Socks


Wearing the same old pair of jeans and a t-shirt can start to feel a little tiresome. Throw on a cool pair of socks, and your outfit becomes rejuvenated. Low-cut shoes or sneakers are perfect when you roll up the cuff of your jeans. And, don't be afraid to go colorful and crazy. It's like working with a blank canvas. See where your imagination takes you. More of a leggings person? Wear your socks over your leggings for full impact.

Friends wearing matching crew socks with jeans - How to Style Crew Socks


You can wear shorts and socks with sneakers or ankle boots. And there's always socks and sandals! What? That's right! This fashion faux pas has become quite popular. But, to avoid looking like your dad, colorful socks are a must! This look completely fails when done with plain white socks. Although there will be some people alarmed by this display of non-compliance, others will applaud your daring fashion choice. It's bold and comfortable.

Woman laying on park bench wearing shorts and socks - How to Style Crew Socks

Dresses and Skirts

Match your socks to your dress or skirt by choosing the same color palette. Then, finish off the look with a pair of ballet flats or ankle boots. Flats really show off your socks, while ankle boots give people just a peek at the top of your socks. How bold do you want to be?

Girl wearing a skirt and socks - How to Style Crew Socks

Business Attire

Starting to feel a little bland at work? Quirky socks can add a bit of personality and liveliness to your business wear. You may not be able to show off your socks as much as you'd like, but you can still enjoy your hidden pizzaz. Women, if you're feeling bold, wear your socks with a pair of heels or with slim pants that allow your socks to poke out just underneath your pants. A pair of flats always brings out the best in your socks too! Men, you know the drill. Wear them loud and proud to the office.

Man riding bike to work wearing fun socks - How to Style Crew Socks


Colorful socks are perfect if you're going to a wedding or headed to the prom. A little coordination is all you need to stand out. Figure out your main color, and find a fun pair of socks to match. You're sure to win some smiles from whoever catches a peek at your unique threads. You can also match your date by matching your socks to your partner's colors. Sometimes you may have to be more subtle though. Simply wear your socks with your dress pants, and sit down with your legs crossed. Your true colors will peek out from under your pant leg. Women, you can pull off wearing a dress with socks and heels. Trust us - it's a growing trend on runways.

Man in suit tying shoes - How to Style Crew Socks

How to Wear Colorful Socks

Be careful pairing patterned socks with patterned pants or shirts. To avoid clashing, it's best to wear more plain clothes with your fun socks. Showing off your socks is best achieved when your outfits (and shoes) are neutral and simple. It allows your unique socks to provide a pop of color. Black and white are great choices to make your socks the focal point.

It's important to pay attention to color. Again, be careful not to clash. Make sure your colors complement each other. You want to look stylish, not silly. You can pair your fun socks with other solids or lightly-patterned items that match the colors in your socks. Your socks will tie your whole outfit together once you find pieces that match the color palette.

The boring fashion norm of hidden white socks is over. Colorful socks are in, and now you know how to show off your socks! Fun socks can be the perfect addition to any outfit. They show your creativity and allow you to put your personality on display. You can wear them any day of the week and for any occasion. So, grab a fun pair of socks and show them to the world.

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