How to Say Socks in Different Languages

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Globe with socks as continents - How to Say Socks in Different Languages

Socks are a popular clothing item seen in many countries all over the world. But do you know what socks are called in different languages? Here are the many ways to say socks in different languages.

Language The Word for Socks
Chinese 袜子
Czech ponožky
Dutch sokken
English socks
Finnish sukat
French chaussettes
German socken
Greek κάλτσες
Icelandic sokkar
Indonesian kaus kaki
Irish stocaí
Italian calzini
Japanese 靴下
Korean 양말
Latin socks
Latvian Zeķes
Mongolian оймс
Norwegian sokker
Polish skarpety
Portuguese meias
Russian носки
Slovak ponožky
Spanish calcetines
Swedish strumpor
Turkish çorap
Ukrainian шкарпетки
Vietnamese vớ

Now that you know how to say socks in different languages, you can talk about them with anyone you run across wearing some sweet threads. You can even start the conversation to wear matching socks with all your international friends!

There are many other languages with words for socks. See what else you can find!

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