Why Matching is Fun

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Four people standing next to each other wearing matching socks and shoes - Why Matching is Fun

You may be saying to yourself, "why would I wear matching clothes with somebody?" You might be thinking that it's corny and only something that silly people do. Well, let us tell you that there's more than meets the eye. Matching has been done for hundreds of years, and it's more popular now than it's ever been before. Matching helps people create a special bond, show their feelings for one another, and create a feeling of togetherness. Still not sure if it's for you? Take a closer look.

Matching Helps People Bond

First of all, matching is great for families looking to do something together. Parents are always trying to find things that the whole family can do and that everyone will enjoy. Matching, especially accessories, doesn't take a lot of time, and it's fun to do. Not only does the whole family think about each other when they wear the same thing, but they also feel a closer bond with each other. It's just as effective as taking a trip or playing games together.

Matching is also a creative way to get the family dressed up for a special occasion. Part of the fun is in the coordination of getting everybody in matching attire. It adds to the excitement of the event by making the preparation and build-up part of the whole experience. And, since most special events include pictures, you're sure to get a fabulous family photo too.

We also know that kids have a "try anything" attitude. If you're creative with your style, they'll be willing to try it. And you'd be surprised at how much they will enjoy matching. So many kids just love twinning because they feel just as cool as the people they look up to (yes that's you)! And if they're in charge of the coordinating, you can't help but smile at how naturally they display leadership skills. And admit it - it's just fun to see a mini version of yourself.

Matching Allows People to Show Their Feelings for Each Other

Another thing that matching does is help people show their feelings for one another. Couples in love are perfect for this. The modern trend of couples wearing matching outfits started in Asia, particularly South Korea. Sweethearts thoughtfully wear the same or similar clothes to show that they belong together - both literally and metaphorically. It's called #couplelook.

His and hers apparel is a way to take your romance public. Like families preparing for a special occasion, couples can also bring some excitement into the preparation of going out. The typical "what are you going to wear" conversation becomes "what should we wear."

Putting effort into coordinating gives you something fun to work cooperatively on. And you'll both be motivated to look your best as an individual and as a couple. Once you're all dressed up, you feel proud of what you're wearing and are excited to show it off. Then, once you're out, your attire not only lets other people know that you're together and that you're proud of that, but it also shows your loyalty to one another.

The Trend Spotter notes that "when you have a partner, it's only natural to begin dressing in a matching and harmonious fashion." This is because you want to look like you're in a united partnership. If your outfits look uncoordinated and separate, your relationship may look that way as well.

Matching Creates a Feeling of Togetherness

The main reason that we love matching is because of the feeling of togetherness that it brings. Think about sports teams. They all wear the same uniform to build morale and encourage unity. Players see their teammates and know that they are part of something bigger than themselves. They are part of a team.

One important thing about matching, though, is that it needs to happen willingly. The pride that comes with matching only happens when everyone involved is involved by choice. Enforcing it destroys the bond that coordinating creates.

Unlike in Asia, where matching is mostly for couples showing off their partners, in America, the friend group is more popular. Besties are more likely to be seen twinning. But as we continue to connect socially around the globe, trends are crossing borders and oceans. Couples, friends, and families are now showing off each other and their togetherness by matching. It's also great for social media because it gives you something fun to share with the World.

You also probably remember matching your older siblings or friends when you were a kid. It was so exciting to twin with somebody. Kids raise their heads a little higher when they match a friend. They love the bond it creates. It lets them feel like they belong to something special, and other kids also recognize what they belong to. It gives them a place to fit in. And when they fit in, their confidence grows.

Matching is Done with Those We Love

Matching is everywhere! What started out as something for couples to do together has become a lot more with couples, friends, and families alike doing it. We like to think of how matching is inspired by the Danish concept of hygge, which essentially means creating a cozy feeling of serenity and pleasure by enjoying the good things in life with those we love. Although we are partial to socks, clothes are a simple part of life. Matching loved ones isn't hard to do. It's simple, and the pleasure and fulfillment it can bring to your life is priceless.

Share photos of your matching style on social media. Your friends will love it. To get ideas, look at popular hashtags like #matchingfamily, #matchingcouple, #matchingsocks, and our favorite, #closeknitfamily.

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