10 Unexpected Socks

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Woman wearing argyle split-toe socks with black flip flops - 10 unexpected socks

There are all kinds of socks out there. There's everything from ankle socks to over-the-knee socks to socks with crazy patterns. But there are even some items that we didn't expect to be considered socks — even things you may not have seen before. Here's our list of unexpected socks.

Toe Cover Socks

Are these even socks? There's barely anything there! Toe cover socks, or toe toppers, are exactly what they sound like. They're socks that only cover the toes. They're worn with open-heel shoes like clogs. We suppose they help with sweat and blisters, but we can't help but feel sorry for the heels that get left out — literally!

Woman standing on toes wearing black toe covers - 10 Unexpected Socks

Hockey Socks

Hockey socks are 2-3 feet long, come up to the thigh, and don't have a place for feet. What — socks without feet? That's crazy talk! Yep, these thick socks cover players' shin pads, but not their feet. The socks are kept up with tape, velcro that's attached to the athletic cup, or girdles with hooks. Now that's some elaborate “non”-footwear!

Hockey player wearing white hockey socks - 10 Unexpected Socks

Leg Warmers

Like hockey socks, leg warmers cover the lower leg but are footless. They're worn by dancers and other athletes. In the 1980s, leg warmers became a fad and were popular with aerobic wear. Thanks a lot, Flashdance! Still fashionable today, these tubular sleeves are worn with leggings, jeans, and tights. Combine them with toe covers, and you have a complete sock!

Woman wearing teal leg warmers - 10 Unexpected Socks

Toe Socks

Toe socks give each and every toe its own compartment. Think of them as gloves for your feet. They not only keep your toes and feet warm but also the space between the toes. We bet you hadn't thought about keeping that part of your body warm before! When one toe slot just isn't enough, toe socks bring you five.

Woman wearing rainbow colored toe socks that go over the knee - 10 Unexpected Socks

Smart Socks

Of course, that's a thing! In today's technology-filled world, why wouldn't there be smart socks! I mean, we have smart-everything else. These wearable monitoring devices have circuits and sensors to track steps, walking and running speed, distance, cardio data, and more.

There are also smart socks that help you sort your socks. You'll know for sure you have matching pairs together. But that's not all. They also tell you how often they're washed, and even when it's time to buy new socks.

Man wearing gray crew-length smart socks with a sensors on the ankle - 10 Unexpected Socks

Moisturizing Gel Socks

For a strange look and a nice, squishy feeling, gel socks are the socks for you. Just how you want your socks to feel, we're sure! Although they're not the most pleasant-sounding things, gel socks are actually lined with a hydrating gel that helps soften dry and cracked feet. Hmm, that actually sounds kind of nice!

Woman wearing teal gel socks - 10 Unexpected Socks

Sheer Socks

Yep, we're talking about see-though socks here. Sheer socks have recently become very popular with heels and sandals. They've become an accessory that makes a statement. What statement, exactly? We're thinking cold, sweaty feet — with maybe some blisters.

Woman pointing toes wearing black sheer socks - 10 Unexpected Socks

Slipper Socks

Are they slippers, or are they socks? You decide. Slipper socks are typically thicker and warmer than your average sock, and many of them have grippers on the bottoms to prevent slipping. They're likely way too thick to be worn in shoes, which makes you wonder about their sock identity. Nonetheless, they're comfy around the house.

Woman wearing knit gray slipper socks - 10 Unexpected Socks

Martial Arts Socks

We're not sure if martial arts socks can be considered socks — they're really just foot guards. They only cover the top of the foot. The toes, the heel, and the ball of the foot are all exposed. So, if you're more into kicking things than warmth and comfort, martial arts socks are for you!

Man wearing martial arts foot protectors - 10 Unexpected Socks

Split-Toe Socks

These socks weird us out the most. What did the big toe do to deserve being separated from the rest? And, they look like elephants. Traditionally known as tabi, these socks are popular in Japanese fashion. But that's not all — they've allowed people to wear socks with flip flops. We can't help but shake our heads at that fashion faux pas.

Woman wearing gray split-toe socks - 10 Unexpected Socks

Perhaps Not So Unexpected

Now that you've seen some of the weird things that we call socks, you can either rest assured that you're not as weird as you thought, or you can embrace your weird ways. The choice is yours. Here at Goldie Socks, we appreciate every kind of sock, but our heart's in socks with fun patterns. Shop our collections to see our sock patterns.

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