How to Put On Socks

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Woman sitting on floor with bare feet next to blue bubble socks - How to Put On Socks

Putting on socks and shoes is an early step towards independence for many kids. It helps them learn self-help skills and sequencing. But have you ever broken down the steps to better understand the sequence? We're here to lay it all out.

Start with a fun pair of socks and some bare feet.

Hold one sock up from the cuff with the heel on the bottom. Your thumbs should be on the inside of the sock and your fingers on the outside.

Woman with bare feet picking up bubble socks off the floor

Scrunch the sock up towards the toes. This helps align everything before you get very far. Then, put your toes in, and pull the sock over your toes.

Woman putting her toes into bubble socks

Keep pulling the sock up and over your heel.

Woman pulling bubble socks over her heel

Continue pulling the sock up above your ankle.

Woman pulling crew socks all the way up and over ankle

Your sock is now on. Make sure the toes are comfortable with the seam on the top of the toes. The heel should be correctly in place, fitting snugly around your heel. For some more tips on comfort, find out How to Tell if Your Socks Fit.

If you find that your sock got twisted in the process of putting it on, straighten it out.

Once the first sock is on, repeat the steps with the second sock. Before you know it, you'll be off and running in your socks!

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