How to Tell if Your Socks Fit

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Colorful checker socks laying flat with measuring tape wrapped around them - How to Tell if Your Socks Fit

Sock Fit Matters

You may not put much thought into if your socks fit or not, but like other clothes, they should fit well. Your comfort and the longevity of your socks is at stake. There's more to it than if they can go over your feet or not.

Checker socks on a foot with heels and toes that fit

Check the Heels

It's all about the feel, so let's talk about the heel! The heels of your socks should be right on your heels. Socks that are too short will slide down and be under where they should be. If they're over your heels and land on your ankles or stick out above your shoes, your socks are too long.

Feel the Toes

Toe seams should be at the top of your toes and lay flat. We all know the feeling of a pesky seam rubbing us the wrong way! There should not be any bunching or pinching. That's a sign that your socks are too long. Socks that cramp your toes are too small. Be sure those digits have enough room to wiggle.

Make Sure They're Snug

You want your socks to stretch a little so that they stay in place, so be sure that they're smaller than your feet and legs. Extra material on your feet can bunch up and cause blisters. We don't want to have to recommend the best bandages for your feet. Socks that are loose-fitting and too big around your ankles can slouch and rub on your skin.

Accommodate for Some Stretch

Socks also stretch out during the day. If you wear socks that stretch to fit your feet, they will stay in place, feel comfortable, and last longer.

Find Socks that Fit You

Is finding the right fit just trial and error? For the most part, yes. But there are some guidelines for those of you who like numbers. The circumference of your socks should be about one inch smaller than the measurement around the ball of your foot. From heel to toe, your socks should be about one inch shorter than the length of your foot.

But of course, not everybody fits perfectly in the available sizes. If you're somewhere in between, we recommend going up to a bigger size. They will shrink in the wash, and you'll find that they're more comfortable than a pair that's too small.

What Size Socks Do I Wear?

Still not sure what size is for you? We have a handy sock size guide to help you understand our sizes. Remember, it's important to have socks that fit. They'll be more comfortable, and they'll last longer. Follow these tips, and you'll be on your way to good-fitting socks and happy feet.

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