8 Places to Find a Lost Sock

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Woman at laundromat looking in washing machine - 8 Places to Find a Lost Sock

Where to Look for Missing Socks

There are a lot of theories out there about why socks disappear. Do they get lost in the washing machine? Do socks disappear in the dryer? Do dryers actually eat socks? We'll finally put all of those misconceptions to rest and tell you where to look for missing socks. We can tell you - they're around somewhere. You just have to find them!

  1. In your shoes
    Sometimes your feet just need to be free. You may have taken your socks off and left them in your shoes.
  2. Underneath pretty much anything
    Get down on your hands and knees and look low. Socks can be removed from feet at any time, and they can accidentally get pushed underneath something. Check underneath furniture like chairs, couches, and beds. And don't forget to look in those cozy, innocent-looking spots, like underneath the couch cushions, blankets, and sheets.
  3. In the lost sock pile
    We sure hope that this doesn't actually exist in your home, but if it does, definitely check there. It could have been there this whole time!
  4. Inside the belly of the sock monster
    Ok, we'll admit that this one's probably a longshot. Sometimes our imaginations get the best of us. But, until we officially rule out the existence of Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster, don't rule this out as a possibility.
  5. Inside the washer drum or the black hole in the washing machine
    Despite popular belief, washers do not eat socks. Sometimes socks get left behind while their mates travel with the wet heap of laundry from the washer to the dryer. An overloaded washing machine could cause a sock to escape from the drum and get trapped in not-so-accessible areas, known as the washing machine black hole. Take a look-see. Are there any forgotten socks in the deep space of your washing universe?
  6. Somewhere around the washer and dryer
    It may seem obvious, but sometimes that lost sock can be right in front of us. Check behind, next to, and especially in between the washer and dryer. Those slippery foot covers can easily get dropped during transfers. Moving clothes from the washer to the dryer, the dryer to the basket, and the folded pile to the drawers are all critical times when a lost sock can occur. Another likely place is in or around the hamper. It's possible that your loner sock never even made it to the washer.
  7. Inside other clothes
    Sometimes those little guys get stuck inside other clothes. Static electricity is to blame here! You'll find them eventually when you notice that weird bulge in your sleeve, but by then, you may have given up on your favorite pair of socks. It's better to at least check it out.
  8. Inside a different dresser drawer
    Sometimes putting the laundry away can be hectic. And that's when things can get lost - or shall we say misplaced. A missing sock could have been inadvertently dropped into another drawer, stuck between other clothes and put into another drawer, or mixed into somebody else's pile and warmly welcomed by their drawer.

How to Stop Losing Socks

We've all experienced the frustration of losing a sock. But how do you avoid it? You can always sew your socks together so that they don't get separated in the laundry. But, that can make walking around in your socks quite difficult. We recommend fun socks with colorful patterns. The bold colors stand out, making them easy to find should one get separated. It's also a lot easier to match them up during folding!

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